How Early Are Moviegoers Actually Arriving to the Theater?

How Early Are Moviegoers Actually Arriving to the Theater?

How Early Are Moviegoers Actually Arriving to the Theater?

It’s movie time!
Say that you’re on a hot date, out with a group of friends, or simply a family of four and decided that it’s time to see that movie everyone is talking about Saturday afternoon. You arrive at the parking lot, purchase your tickets, buy some concession items, locate your theater auditorium via the “ticket-tearer” and anxiously march your convoy toward your seats in anticipation of seeing the coming attractions (my favorite part of the movie theater experience). But there’s a problem… you didn’t arrive early enough for even decent seats. DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!! Now you’re forced to sit in the only remaining group of 2+ seats together in the very front row… or… gasp… sit separately!

This is a common rookie mistake to moviegoers, and something that does not usually happen twice to the seasoned cinema patron. Enter your friendly, and highly entertaining, pre-show marketing program by companies, like ours, OnScreen Media. Where we make early arrivals to the movies, fun!

As cinema pre-show extraordinaires, our team at OnScreen Media immediately saw a pattern to moviegoers and their purchasing behavior within our network of theaters. Moviegoers appreciate the theater experience more when they can pick their seating location. And moviegoers can pick their seating location much easier and hassle-free if they attend early. For cinema advertising campaigns of local, regional, and national companies, this is extremely valuable. The earlier theater patrons attend, the more eyeballs their messaging reaches. And the more likely they are to retain the messaging.


Actual photo of moviegoers when Arbitron Study was being conducted. (Just kidding).

We’re often asked this question; How early are moviegoers actually entering their theater? And our answer for six years has been the same. In our most confident and professionally pleasant voices… “per the Arbitron Cinema Advertising Study in, ummmm, 2011… the average moviegoer arrives 19 minutes before the movie begins.” That’s right – 2011!! We love ya Arbitron, but that’s not gonna cut it anymore.

So we took it upon ourselves to perform our very own data-collection study that specifically pinpoints when moviegoers are actually entering their theater. Recording a new total every minute the pre-show advertising program is playing from beginning to close in advance of the coming attractions. Without spoiling the results, (coming soon!) they were extremely encouraging in support of early arrivals 😉

*OnScreen Media offers world class cinema advertising opportunities for customers interested in marketing on the big screen. We also offer data-driven, online display advertising solutions for digitally savvy marketers interested in utilizing the latest online-ad technology within a simple, easy to use platform.