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Strategic, Simple, Effective

Looking to boost sales through measurable, online advertising? OnScreen Media is a leader and trusted partner in the online advertising industry, powering smart, real-time advertising solutions for our customers. We accomplish this by harnessing the efficiency of programmatic, the ANA’s (Association of National Advertisers) “word of the year” in 2014. Using categories such as geo-location, income, household size, demographics and past buying behavior statistics, we can help you create an online marketing campaign that complements and improves the effectiveness of your on-screen advertising. Our campaigns can launch over all device types i.e desktop, tablet and mobile. OnScreen Media makes digital advertising easy, affordable, and fun for any marketer.

 Targeting Capabilities :

  • Detailed Demographics
  • Interests
  • In-Market
  • Past Purchase
  • Much More

Real-time Bidding

Programmatic advertisements are served within an auction environment, on a CPM price structure, where advertisers bid and compete with each other during the 200 milliseconds it takes for a webpage to load. This process is known as real-time bidding (RTB) which allows ad-inventory to be bought and sold on a ‘per impression’ basis. The advertiser with the highest bid during that time, serves the impression! It is fast, efficient, strategic, and to top it off… less expensive.

 Benefits Include :

  • Great bang for your buck
  • Enhanced performance
  • Industry’s latest tech
  • Unprecedented targeting
  • Agility

TARGET: Reach the right audience, every time

You’re in control – easily launch Retargeting, Prospecting, Direct Response, or Brand Awareness campaigns to the right people. Tap into the power of big data & nerdy algorithms to craft the perfect target audiences, simply in a few clicks.

Targeting People with Online Advertising

  • Audience Builder technology – automatically updates with reach and CPM cost
  • Gather retargeting audiences – across your whole website, or specific pages and/or sections
  • Look-a-like audiences – model from your Insights to create highly scalable campaigns
  • Prospecting audiences – quick A/B testing utilizing multiple audiences and data sources
  • Audience / Market Research – size potential market audiences on the fly

EXECUTE: Real-time programmatic ad campaigns

Harness the power of real-time bidding (RTB) by building data-driven ad campaigns in a few clicks across video, mobile, display, and social mediums. View detailed reports for on-the-fly campaign optimization.

Online Advertising to people based on interest

  • Programmatic Media Buying – display, mobile, social & video
  • Real-time bidding (RTB) across multiple Ad Networks
  • Facebook Exchange Integration – Marketplace and Newsfeed instant access
  • Built-In Ad Serving & Hosting
  • Campaign & Multi-Level Conversion Tracking
  • Algorithmic & On-the-Fly Optimization
  • Privacy Compliant / Ad Choices Compliant


Armed with in-dashboard and exportable reporting, meaning you can easily optimize your ad campaign spend, increase conversions, and maximize ROI. All in real-time.

Measurable ROI with Online Advertising

  • Instant PDF reporting and/or campaign data downloads
  • Captures information regarding your campaign’s performance visually and numerically
  • Track the exact websites your advertisements were displayed upon.
  • Easy, accessible, and quick!

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Whether you are brand new to online advertising, or a seasoned marketing professional, our platform can deliver the results you need to effectively grow your business with ease and intuitiveness.