Utilizing the best, location-based data on the market with Geopulse Proximity

NSTake location based marketing to the next level! Geofencing is a location based digital advertising service that allows marketers the ability to target users within a real-world virtual boundary. Both in-real-time on their mobile devices (through the use of our partner’s industry leading GPS location data) and also historical location data, as a retargeting strategy, for users across all device types!

Address targeting not enough? Design and execute campaigns that target specific chains or categories….. such as every Starbucks in Atlanta, or every hotel in downtown Miami! Today, Factual has 475 industry categories available throughout the entire US. Imagine being able to target specific buildings instead of zip codes?? The targeting opportunities are endless with the right strategy in hand.


Powered by Geopulse technology, there is no Wi Fi component to the ad serving process. Only GPS data that every Smart phone user possesses with a designated data plan. Greatly enhancing the reach and precision of our customers’ campaigns.

Similar to our online display & video campaign offerings, this technology is CPM based. Not Pay-per-click….. with the CPM’s ranging anywhere from $3.00-$7.00. There is no minimum ad-spend or long term commitment with this service.

Create Dozens of Virtual Boundaries of a Specified Radius

Technology Image

Radii can range from 50-4,000 meters in width around specified addresses in your target areas. Target your business, your competitors or where your desired audience is sure to be.


Five Takeaways

1) Precise targeting

2) Strategic

3) Efficient

4) High potential return on ad spend

5) Creative personalization

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Whether you are brand new to online advertising, or a seasoned marketing professional, our platform can deliver the results you need to effectively grow your business with ease and intuitiveness.