Cinema Advertising

Advertise with us on the Big Screen


Why advertise on the “big screen”?

Movie going is America’s #1 leisure time activity. A high percentage of Americans go to the movies on a regular basis, and they go frequently. Cinema advertising is unique in that it reaches an attentive, captive audience with high disposable income. The desirable demographic profile of moviegoers, combined with significant reach, represents a tremendous opportunity for advertisers.

Top 10 Reasons to Advertise On Screen

  1. Movie going is the favorite national pastime for every age group in America.
  2. More people are exposed to advertising in movie theaters than at major sporting events.
  3. Over half of adults ages 35-44 and over 60% of people ages 18-24 have been to the movies in the past month.
  4. The cinema attracts an audience with more expendable income than TV, radio, newspapers or billboards.
  5. More people say they pay attention to cinema advertising than TV, newspapers, radio or websites.
  6. Simultaneously placing ads on TV & in the cinema doubles conversion rates when compared to TV advertising alone.
  7. 63% of moviegoers attended college.
  8. 78% of moviegoers describe themselves as “tech savvy.”
  9. Moviegoers are 20% more likely to be the first to try new products or services.
  10. 77% of moviegoers who recall a cinema advertisement say they are likely to purchase the advertised product.

Engaging Audiences OnScreen