Advertise on the Big Screen

Become a Local Star in Your Community
With pulse-pounding sound, and crystal clear digital presentation-quality on a 3-story tall screen, you’ll have bragging rights amongst your friends and competitors with our cinema advertising solutions.

Engage Your Target Audience OnScreen

Your trying to reach local markets with advertising that actually works

Instead of going with ads that can be flipped past, tuned out or thrown away, use a medium that draws your audience in and captures their attention.

With unmatched presentation capabilities and a larger than life atmosphere, the cinema provides a perfect environment for advertisers to engage potential new customers.

Put Hollywood to work for you, and learn how advertising on the big screen can help you become a local star today.

Top 5 Reasons to Advertising on the Big Screen

Attentive, Captive Audience
Audience is Local with Disposable Income
Increased Brand Recall
Moviegoers are Loyal, and Attend The Cinema Frequently
Visual Impact, Due to State of The Art Digital Projection

Engage Your Target Audience OnScreen

Gain the attention of local moviegoers that are ready, willing & able to purchase your product or services.

There’s a reason you see the same advertisers on the big screen each time you attend the movies. Because it works.

Be a part of the show, and contact OnScreen Media today for rates and media placement options today.