For Theater Operators

OnScreen Media provides the service and impactful revenue your theater circuit deserves


OnScreen Media helps you make more revenue just by doing what you already do – packing auditoriums with eager audiences. We specialize in creating pre-show advertising revenue and giving local theaters the attention and service they deserve. Many exhibitor networks ignore independent theaters, but we know your audience is even more loyal and excited than the audiences at national chains. How do we know that? Because our founders have owned and operated independent theaters of their own. We understand your business because it’s our business too.

We understand your business because it’s our business too.

  • OnScreen Media offers both National and local advertising exhibition to our partners.
  • We provide a healthy dose of trivia, promotional content, and film clips to enhance the viewing experience for your audience.
  • We regularly feature :30 and :60 commercials that promote values and family-friendly messaging.
  • There is typically no financial investment necessary by the theater operator.
  • We provide a local sales presence to drive revenue & ensure the highest levels of customer service.

Engaging Audiences OnScreen