Local Advertisers

Take your Brand to the Movies


You’re trying to reach local markets with advertising that actually works.

Instead of going with ads that will be flipped past, tuned out or thrown away, use a medium that actually draws your audience in and captures their attention. With unmatched presentation capabilities and a larger-than-life atmosphere, the cinema provides a perfect environment for advertisers to engage potential new customers. Also, OnScreen Media ensures your ad-placement will be significantly closer to the posted show-time within our theaters, unlike other cinema advertising companies. Closer ad-placement ensures more viewers witness your advertisement, significantly increasing your campaign’s reach and ROI.

National, Regional, and local advertisers alike have discovered the power of the cinema to communicate memorable messages that inspire action. That’s why cinema advertising revenue has nearly doubled since 2004, with an estimated $630 million produced nationwide in 2014 via the Cinema Advertising Council (CAC).

Theater Locations

OnScreen Media Will Make Your Business Part of the Movie Experience

  1. Reach potential customers that are local to your area, and have high levels of disposable income
  2. OnScreen Media can help you create and feature still slides, motion video ads, plus live footage in select markets!
  3. Your ads are displayed to a captivated audience during our entertaining pre-show program that feature ads, music videos, “good values” promotional content, and film clips
  4. Your business is featured side-by-side with Hollywood’s biggest stars, on Hollywood’s brightest stage

Engaging Audiences OnScreen