Connected TV

Internet Connected Television Campaigns
An emerging digital media channel, Connected TV advertising is the placement of ads on TV devices connected to the internet. It allows you to reach TV viewers through valuable devices such as ROKU, Sling, HULU, Twitch and more.


Put your brand in front-of the cord cutters with a cutting edge, data-driven digital media solution.

Whether you call it over the top (OTT) or Connected TV (CTV), internet Connected TV delivers streaming content on the biggest screens in the household alongside premium, professionally produced content very similar to watching a TV commercial. Combining computer and mobile advertising technology to television. Connected TV presents a massive opportunity for digital marketers to stay ahead of the pack & layer in data-driven targeting to TV buys.

With a lower price-point, significantly better targeting capabilities, and
the ability to synchronize with other digital advertising campaigns….. the time is now to implement this enterprise technology to your advertising strategy 

Statistical Evidence

3 in 4 US broadband households connect CTV devices to the internet.

1:32 minutes are spent on average, per day, by adults on digital TV.

32% higher lift in brand perceptions through Connected TV compared to traditional TV.

41% of individuals reached on Connected TV were unique and not reached on traditional TV ads.

Sources: eMarketer, AdWeek, IPG Media Lab, Nielsen OTT Studies

Advanced Applications

Retarget users with digital advertisements that have viewed a Connected TV advertisement.
Upload CRM or 1st party data to serve Connected TV ads to members of your email list.
Advanced reporting features (i.e impressions, geolocation, CPM, win-rate, and video completion percentages) for superior insight and transparency.