Email Marketing

Create Deeper Relationships with Your Customers

Whether it’s a branding initiative or you’re trying to present an offer to the right person at the right time, email marketing helps you stay engaged and remain top of mind with customers that are very valuable to your business.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

Build credibility with your audience through email marketing. Strategic email campaigns allow marketers to connect with their desired customers with informative content, that’s easy to digest and helps them understand your value proposition.

OnScreen Media can help you create an email marketing campaign that complements and improves the performance of your on-screen advertising. By leveraging CRM or third-party data, our team provides accurate, 100% Can-Spam compliant, lists that make it easy to use email marketing to your advantage across all devices.

Add a personalized touch to your marketing, and begin utilizing a channel that builds excitement to your customers today.

People Check Email

Stop and think how many times you find yourself opening up your email on your computer or mobile device each day. Whether its work-related or personal, most people check their email at least once a day to see what new messages they’ve received.

Specifically, people check their inbox 20 times a day. And nearly 70% of these recipients open marketing messages using their mobile phones 2-3 days a week. This means that email marketing offers marketers the benefit of getting in front of their audience on a regular basis. The simple fact that your customers check their inbox every day is the key takeaway when determing the pros and cons of email.

Advanced Applications

Utilize UTM codes to track conversions within Google Analytics
Set up a 1st party data list of people that not only click, but open your email message for remarketing across multiple digital channels.
Use marketing automation to both measure and streamline email campaigns