Scale & Precision for location data marketers
Reach your ideal customer based on real-time latitude/longitude location data. Engage users who live, work, and frequent your locations with digital ads that pursuade them to take action.

Geofencing Explained

Put our partners location data to work……. for you.

Geofencing is the implementation of a virtual boundary, and serving mobile ads to users who enter that geographical boundary.

Alert shoppers of a discount or great deal near your location.

Serve ads to all your competitor’s locations in real-time.

We work with the industry leading location data providers in the industry, ensuring your campaigns are executed with maximimum precision and accuracy.

Continue reading to learn about Geoframing as well, which allows you to target people who have visited (and left) a location too!

Geo-framing, or geo-retargeting, is the method of serving ads to individuals who enter a specific location after they’ve left. Accross mobile, desktop, tablet, and connected TV devices.

Dubbed “geofencing on steroids,” geo-framing is best used for creating a user pool based on who has been at a certain location for cross-selling or possibly upselling.

For example, if you’re local gym you can collect the device id’s of users who have recently been in a YMCA or LA Fitness in your area to try and attract them to your gym instead.

Advanced Applications

Target entire categories of industries (locally, regionally, nationally) with mobile ads in real-time.
Customize the size of your geofence, down to the venue level, for maximum relevance.
If you’re a product that’s selling into retail chains, target users in the store with your ad to purchase your product.