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Managed Services

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Advertising technology is changing at a lightning fast pace. Working with an experienced managed service provider (MSP) can help shoulder additional responsibility to help your team optimize workflow while simultaneously keeping you ahead of your competition. Partnering with the right MSP can help reduce and control overhead costs, increase efficiency, and provide significant scalability to a wide variety of clients. While also giving you the option to only pay for what you need (with quick turnaround time) on the many different facets of the campaign implementation process. Our team at OnScreen Media is highly trained and qualified to shoulder the responsibilities that accompany programmatic, social, search, and email campaign management. Every hour you spend managing a campaign could be spent on something else that further helps you accomplish your business objectives.

Quality MSP’s can help you level the playing field, providing access to enterprise technology that mid-market size organizations can take full advantage of…. at a significantly reduced cost.

Programmatic Advertising

Search Engine Marketing

Email Marketing

Production Services

Social Media Advertising

Cinema Advertising

Cost Savings
One of the greatest benefits of working with an MSP is its extreme cost effectiveness. MSP’s accomplish this by reducing operation expenses, conserving capital budgets, and increasing productivity, so your team can focus more on what you do best – all while providing full visibility into your campaign’s performance in real-time. The time it takes to train, manage, troubleshoot, and provide detailed reporting increases the costs to your organization…. which are ultimately passed on to the customer. Trained, experience professionals can get the work done faster – because it takes less time to complete.

Customer Support
Many large organizations remove the human element of their customer service programs with some variation of a support ticket operation. Quality MSP representatives are accessible, knowledgable, and readily available to take your call, text or email,  ensuring that all needs are met as quickly as possible.

Focus on Core Business
As your company grows, key employees will need to take on additional responsibilities that divert them away from their original roles. As more campaign opportunities arise, it becomes an increasing challenge for those employees to meet the demands and expectations of their client’s specific objectives. Under these circumstances, outsourcing greatly helps an organization stay focused on revenue generating tasks and opportunities. MSP’s handle the time consuming, behind the scenes minutia  associated with the day-to-day curation of paid media campaigns. This further allows employees to complete their work without distraction or potential technical difficulties.



Offered Services :

  • Detailed Analytics
  • Programmatic
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising

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