Paid Social Media Campaign

Social strategies that make your audience care, share, and convert
Social media campaigns are a powerful strategy that can take your organization’s marketing and advertising to the next level. Being active on social media platforms & boosting posts is only a small part of the equation…… as the real ROI comes via targeted, paid media campaigns.

Our Social Media Process

We fully-manage paid social media campaigns across multiple platforms via a comprehensive strategy that presents the right message, to the right user, at the exact right time.

Our team sets objectives, identifies the digital audience you want to target, determines which channel is the best fit, and implement a content strategy that gets your audience to act.

For most brands, there are 2-3 social channels that need to be prioritized. So choozing wisely means less resources to manage, and less budget spent.

Also, the quality and content of your social media ads must resonate with your target audience. We produce ads that are highly relevant, engaging, and produce copious likes / shares / clicks to deliver the results you deserve.

Campaign Strategies

Reach: If your goal is to reach the most amount of unique people for your budget, we can optimize your campaign parameters to serve ads to your target audience for a low cost-per-thousand (CPM) metric.

Engagement: If your goal is likes & shares, we can optimize your campaign for engagements to improve brand perception, loyalty, and word of mouth recommendations.

Leads: If your sales process is a bit longer, optimizing your campaign for leads is a terrific strategy to correlate your advertising spend 1-to-1 with new potential customers.

Advanced Applications

Lookalike audience targeting allows you to target new people who are interested in your product or service because they share attributes of your current client base
Track in-store visits by uploading transaction data to the social media platform utilized within the campaign.
Implement pixels that allow you to retarget website visitors that didn’t convert, and customize the ad based on which page you want to bring the user back to.