Pay-Per-Click Management

Make Every Click Count
We create aggressive, highly-strategic Google Ads campaigns that target searchers with intent to buy. Search engines are evolving rapidly, and what Google considers to be important for search results is not as simple as it were in years past. That’s why an experienced, Google Ads campaign management team is vital to keep pace with your biggest competitors.

Our PPC Management Process

It begins and ends with intent.

Search engine marketing has consistently been the highest producing medium responsible for conversions. A well written & constructed Google search ad can intercept a searcher & convince them to convert quickly if structured the right way. Our team is lazer focused on optimizing response rates for our clients for this very reason.

We typically use Google Ads as a lead generation tool, as it’s very scalable and typically produces results quicker than SEO & a number of other digital marketing strategies. Below are six areas our team prioritizes to ensure campaign success and long-term profitability with search campaigns.

What To Expect

With pay-per-click advertising on Google, it is fair to expect results pretty quickly. A well crafted ad, that flows with your keyword list and landing page, can get users to convert quicker than most other digital advertising strategies.

There are several trade-offs though.

The first is that ppc advertising on Google is extremely competetive. If complacent, a well-planned and executed campaign can lose momentum fast. Second, Google makes changes to it’s platforms all of the time. Staying on top of the updated is critical to long term, sustainable success.

Advanced Applications

Proper implimentation of negative keywords can filter out searchers that are not likely to convert.
Setting up call tracking is great way to attribute conversions to your campaign that don’t happen online.
Research search terms in specific geographic areas so you know, ahead of time, what people are specifically typing into Google & get your ad in-front of them fast.