Pre-show Advertising Program

Make More Money with OnScreen Media
OnScreen Media provides lucrative, modern, and entertaining preshow services to independent theater owners. We put Hollywood to work, for you, and deliver a cost-per-patron revenue model that’s as high and profitable to you as the national providers.

More Revenue for your Theater

OnScreen Media helps you make more revenue just by doing what you already do – packing auditoriums with eager audiences. We specialize in creating pre-show advertising revenue and giving local theaters the care, attention and service they deserve.

May exhibitor networks overlook indepenent theaters, but we know your audience is even more loyal and excited than the patrons of the national chains.

How do we know that? Because our founders have owned and operated indepedent theaters of their own.

We understand your business because it’s our business too.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“OnScreen Media has provided pre-show advertising services to us for the past 8 years. When we first partnered with them, we were looking for a program that delivered a higher cost-per-patron model, high-quality and engaging content, and responsive customer service. OnScreen has provided all of this to us.  We’ve definitively earned more revenue, exhibited better content, and received superior customer service compared to any other pre-show vendor we’ve worked with. Specifically we have seen a 52% increase in annual year over year revenue, and regularly receive compliments on their spokeswoman, trivia, and family-friendly content. All things that are important to our circuit. I would highly recommend OnScreen Media to other independent exhibitors looking for a pre-show advertising provider.”

– Joe DeMarsh

Epic Theatres Inc.
1080x1080 projector

Top 5 Reasons to Utilize our Preshow

OnScreen Media offers a minimum of 11 cents per patron!
We provide local, regional, and national advertising exhibition to our partners.
We provide entertaining trivia, up-to-date promotional content, and behind the scenes film clips to enhance the viewing experience.
We regualarly featre :30 and :60 second commercials that promote values and family friendly messaging.
We provide a local sales presence to drive revenue and ensure the highest levels of customers service.