Building an Audience

Through Insights, or pre-determined targets. You decide!


With our platform, you have two options for building your targeted audiences: Utilizing our Smart Tag Container (or Insights tag) to identify what types of users frequent your website, or skipping the Insights tag all together and pinpointing your own pre-determined targets directly within our industry-leading audience catalog.

For example, if the Smart Tag Container reveals your website is trafficking high for females ages 34-39 who earn between $38,000-$55,000 annually, you can apply that data directly into your audience builder and ultimately use this information to launch a campaign geared towards those individuals. Further refine your audience targets by adding (or excluding) data layers through our audience catalog. Thus allowing you to target even more specifically if desired.


Geo-location targeting (city, state, country) is very easy to accomplish within the platform as well, even down to the zip code level for radius targeting. If you are a local business only interested in targeting prospects within driving distance, this capability can prove to be invaluable.

It is important to note, the more detailed you are with your audience (and geo-locations) the higher the data CPM will be. Simply because we are using more information to zero-in on your prospects. And remember, you can also go to our data partners directly if you have pre-existing demographics or key targets in mind.

Ask us about contextual targeting as well!


5 Take away tips:

  1. Know the target audience for your product
  2. Evaluate what other audiences may benefit from your product
  3. Target your optimal audiences consistently
  4. Know your geo-targeted areas
  5. Evaluate and assess

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