Campaign Management

“Building the Awesome”

We believe the key to running effective online advertising campaigns is being able to accurately track your performance. What better way to do that than to optimize and edit each of your campaigns on the fly in real time?

Our platform does just that, and much more!


With this type of detailed tracking our customers can adjust each and every one of their ads at any point throughout their campaign. While also being able to procure detailed PDF reporting, on the fly of course, in real-time for any type of internal or outward task at hand.

For example:


  • Tracking each of your campaigns based any number of our metrics (campaign spend, CPM, cost per click, impressions, wine rate, total clicks, etc.). Then adjusting your ad groups based on certain goals you have set for each metric.
  • A/B Testing different targets is also a great advantage. Being able to compare on the fly how each targeted ad group is performing in, wait for it, real-time. Then adjust those ad groups toward which ones are tracking the highest towards your goals.
  • Testing creative from one campaign to the next. Make sure you are getting the most attractive/liked ad in front of your targets at the perfect time online.

The above just scratches the surface of what our platform can do. So for marketers out there craving control and real time optimization, here is your solution! We push business performance to the next level and can increase online presence tremendously. All while seeing exactly where each dollar is going to further drive ROI.

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