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Programmatic FAQ’s

  • I have more questions, who should I contact?
    Our sales and operations staff are always available. You can call us at 1-866-773-6162 or fill out a form submission. Please contact us anytime for questions you have about our products and services or sign up for a demo.
  • What are Different Types of Goals for Campaigns?
    A goal specifies the target performance metric for your channel. You may only select one performance goal per ad group. You will find this option under Ad Group Settings. Reach: This goal uses algorithms to optimize for greatest reach by impression. This goal type will provide you the most users viewing your ad. CPA: This goal uses algorithms to optimize for Cost per Action / Acquisition. This figure should represent the target you wish to pay in order to attain a conversion. CTR: This goal uses algorithms to optimize for Click Through Rate. This figure should represent the target percentage of users you hope to click on your ad. CPC: This goal uses algorithms to optimize for Cost Per Click. This figure should represent the target you wish to pay to gain an ad click.
  • How is CPM factored?
    Your CPM is comprised of two core costs:
    • Data CPM, or the cost to utilize the audience data to find targeted prospecting or look-alike audiences
    • Media Buy CPM, or the cost per mille to serve the ad to an open ad in the inventory matching your campaign/ad group parameters
  • How Does retargeting work?
    A retargeting tag is a part of the Smart Container that collects site and/or landing page visitor profiles when placed properly. Some retargeting audiences are automatically generated, such as your initial account activation site, campaigns, creative units, and conversions. You can also add your own retargeting audiences by going to the Audience tab and click the world icon for "Manage my Sites". Any retargeting audience can be saved as a custom audience via the Audience Builder and used in a campaign. OnScreen Media "finds" these profiles when used in a campaign via the user's cookie profile. Retargeting profiles are only valid for up to 90 days so some churn can be expected with your retargeting pools, but new profiles are also being added all the while if the container is still firing.
  • What is an Ad Group?
    An Ad Group contains one or more ads which target your customized audience. The advertiser sets a maximum cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for all the ad creatives in the Ad Group.
  • What is a URL?
    A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the unique identifying address of any particular page on the Web. URL contains all the information required to locate a resource, including its protocol (usually HTTP), server domain name (or IP address), file path (directory and name) and format (usually HTML or CGI).
  • Can I just buy media through your platform? What does media cost?
    We offer a Media-only subscription level. You pay a low $99 monthly access fee & will have all of the features of OnScreen Media’s platform with the exception of Insights. The cost of your advertising campaign is completely in your control & there is no minimum ad spend.
  • Where will my ads be served? What types of ads can I run?
    Ad campaigns executed through our platform will be served on premium ad networks including OpenX, Facebook, DoubleClick, Google Display Network, Yahoo, Appnexus, AOL & many more. We support display, video, mobile & social media ad formats on desktop, tablet & mobile devices.
  • How is it priced?
    OnScreen Media’s Insights subscriptions are based on your site's monthly web events (roughly equal to total page views for most sites). We calculate these web events & will adjust your monthly subscription to the proper level. Real-time-bidding (RTB) advertising campaigns are based on CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) & our simple billing system charges the credit card on file as the campaigns are executed - no post-campaign accounting headaches.
  • What are Insights?
    Insights are also referred to as the Smart Tag Container. Pulling from thousands of data segments, OnScreen Media profiles your site visitors across 100 unique Insights modules in categories including Demographics, Purchase Behaviors, Lifestyle Segmentation, B2B, and Media Consumption. Presented in a visually appealing interface via the platform, all Insights are anonymous & aggregated, thus completely privacy compliant
  • Why launch programmatic online advertising campaigns with OnScreen Media?
    We simplify the digital marketing process so you can focus on growing your business. A single, simple platform, OnScreen Media provides rich, actionable consumer insights and then maps these insights directly into your real-time advertising campaigns. Our platform is intuitive, precise & affordable.

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