Who is really visiting your website?


If you are familiar with and/or have used Google Analytics, there is a very simple way to explain what OnScreen Media’s Audience Insights tag accomplishes. In essence Google Analytics provides the “what” (i.e website traffic & number of page views). OnScreen Media’s Insights provide the “who” (age, gender, financial information, past purchase behavior, and much more). Also called a smart-tag container, the Insights tag is a little snippet of code that attaches to your website’s URL. It is very non-intrusive, and once successfully placed it does not need to be touched again.

When the smart tag is live, our platform measures your site visitors against 2000 data points. This in turn generates rich consumer information like detailed demographics, purchase history, and lifestyle behaviors on those particular users frequenting your website.

So why is this data so valuable? In a couple of clicks you can easily analyze and assess who your most desired website visitors are, and create a wider target of similar prospects ensuring smart advertising and relevant optimization.

MEASURE: Gain insights to know your consumers

Understand your site visitors like never before. Gather rich data & actionable Audience Insights that include detailed data focused on demographics, psychographics, purchase intent & consumer behaviors.


  • Detailed Audience Insights – truly understand who your customers are
  • Simple to understand data views – no data scientists required!
  • Website segmentation capabilities – measure your whole site as well as individual sections and/or pages
  • Easy Smart Tag technology implementation
  • Everything is completely anonymous & privacy compliant

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