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From the big screen to the little screens.

We connect advertisers to their ideal audiences. At OnScreen Media we are unique, innovative, and precise in our advertising solutions. Made possible by a team of dedicated professionals who care about the success of your organization. We put Hollywood to work for you.

With unmatched presentation capabilities and a larger-than-life atmosphere, the cinema provides a perfect environment for advertisers to engage potential new customers. OnScreen Media has recognized this unique advantage for years, and helped clients of all sizes achieve desired results with a focus on customer ROI. Simply put, no other traditional advertising medium can reach and captivate your audience like our theaters.

We offer the latest online advertising technology

We also know the future of online marketing will be driven by results and data. By offering the world’s most innovative platform to our customers we are ensuring that ANY marketer can produce results – both for their campaigns and their business. All without breaking a sweat.


Programmatic Online Advertising is here to stay

  • eMarketer estimates programmatic ad spending will grow another 300% over the next 3 years.
  • Research by Adform has found that ad space bought via programmatic advertising platforms has increased 76% year-on-year to April 2015
  • According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, programmatic ad revenue in the US reached $10.1bn in 2014, accounting for 20% of total online ad revenue
  • Currently, the majority of marketers are managing 20% or more of their media programmatically, with nearly half managing 40% or more of their digital media budget this way.
  • Sixty percent of brands’ online video ad spending is now programmatic. For agencies, 38% of their online video spend is going through programmatic channels.
  • Only 8% of marketers and 9% of agency execs admitted to not using programmatic for any media.
  • According to Marchex, a mobile advertising analytics firm, display ads influence 60 times more phone calls than a direct click-to-call.

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